As part of Basman Smith’s full range of legal services to individuals, entrepreneurs, family businesses, and other privately controlled enterprises, we assist our clients in organizing their affairs during their lifetime with the use of trusts and other planning techniques as well as assist our clients in the design and implementation of their estate plans and business succession plans.

Basman Smith’s unique strength and depth of knowledge in family law also has allowed its estate planning group to provide the unique services required in second marriage scenarios as well as the complex estate planning necessitated by separated or divorced individuals.

We provide advice to our clients who are acting in a fiduciary capacity to assist them in carrying out their duties and obligations when acting as trustees of trusts, attorneys for property or attorneys for personal care, guardians of property, guardians of the person, and as executors of estates. We also provide advice to the family of the incompetent person as well as the individual who is the subject matter of such proceedings.

When such matters are in dispute, Basman Smith’s litigation lawyers provide comprehensive legal representation.