Sophisticated organizations must be able to hire and place human resources with confidence, where and when they need them. At the same time, employees demand and deserve excellent service and to feel confident in their employer’s choice of immigration services provider because immigration issues affect their jobs, career development, and family members. Consult our immigration law group if you are:

  • an employer who needs to transfer an employee to an associated company in Canada
  • an employee being transferred by your employer to an associated company in Canada
  • a business owner or manager who would like to move to Canada and start a new business whether now or in the future;
  • a professional or skilled worker who would like to migrate to and work in Canada;
  • stopped at the Canadian or American border due to improper or inadequate documentation;
  • pursuing education opportunities for your children in Canada;
  • sponsoring your spouse or parents.

Our philosophy of legal practice requires us to partner closely with our clients and help them meet all of their immigration-related needs, even those in which we are not directly involved as legal representatives. We train constantly to remain abreast of changes in Canadian immigration law.  And thanks to our membership in Geneva Group International (GGi), we are part of a network of 450+ professional firms located in 650 offices in 115+ countries and as a result, are well positioned to serve clients anywhere, with the strength and capabilities of the largest firms in the country but without their common dispassion or commonly problematic rate structures.