Mediation and Arbitration


One of the fastest growing areas of practice at Basman Smith is our Mediation and Arbitration Group. Mediation and arbitration are recognized and accepted alternative dispute resolution process to conventional litigation.

Basman Smith has lawyers who are trained and experienced mediators and arbitrators. These lawyers are active across a broad range of practice areas, enabling Basman Smith to mediate and arbitrate a variety of disputes including estate, family, civil and business matters.

The mediators at Basman Smith LLP implement innovative techniques to ensure that your issues are dealt with in a responsive, productive, fair and efficient manner. The mediators at Basman Smith LLP are also trained to ensure that all the relevant interests are being considered. Our mediators are nimble and able to assist parties in crafting a solution that is effective. Arbitration, on the other hand, can be characterized as an informal trial between parties who agree to vest ultimate decision-making authority in the hands of a third party arbitrator. The arbitrators at Basman Smith LLP are experienced and seasoned lawyers knowledgeable of the law and experienced in adjudication.